We all know the this playground song about relationships and one thing happening after the other right? 

"Tepy and Geoffrey sitting in a tree,

First comes love,
then comes marriage,

then comes baby in a baby carriage!" 

Ok maybe I'm skipping too far ahead here :P. T&G specifically had Tuesdays off together and that day was the plan for their Montreal Engagement photography session. It so happened that it kept raining on Tuesdays for five weeks in a row! What the?! I know!  We made it happen after six weeks! So finally, I photographed their pre-wedding shoot, then day one of their Montreal wedding, AND thhhen day two of their wedding ALL in the same week! We were becoming best buds and they were becoming professional models at that point lol! Here are some of my favourites from the day.

Montreal Wedding Photographer Photography, Photographe Mariage Montreal

Tepy and Geoffrey's engagement pre-wedding portrait photography session // Montreal Wedding Photographer // Photographe Mariage Montréal

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