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  1. S+A’s Montreal surprise proposal photographer

    S & A’s Montreal surprise proposal. After weeks of preparation with Anthony, it was all set! I was ready to capture him “popping the question” in Chateau Ramezay’s courtyard regardless if it was raining or not…the proposal will go on! Sarah was smiling so much and was speechless! // check…

  2. C+C’s Montreal sunrise surprise proposal photographer

    C & C’s Montreal sunrise surprise proposal. It was 5am and I was ready for the 5:30am sunrise proposal! The special moment was beautiful and with sun’s beaming colour it wrapped the couple with magical light. As you can see she was taking photos and had no idea what was…

  3. C+W’s Montreal surprise proposal photographer

    C & W’s Montreal surprise proposal photographer // see how it unfolded here be in KOOL, follow meIG | @JohnKOOphotographyFB | @JohnKOOphotography

  4. G + M’s Montreal surprise proposal photographer

    G+M’s Montreal surprise proposal. When Garratt from Edmonton contacted me, we were brainstorming the perfect area which would showcase Montreal and be a scenic backdrop for his surprise proposal to Mandeep. He wanted it to be extra special and with some added touches, so I teamed up with Kyoto Fleurs…

  5. A+M’s Montreal proposal photographer

    A+M’s Montreal surprise proposal… All the way from Chicago and Pennsylvania, Andrew was ready to pop the question! It was freeezing cold, but it was worth capturing this pivotal moment in time for them! All the best! Btw, she said YES! Check out how it unfolded here

  6. J+P’s Montreal proposal photography

    J+P’s Montreal surprise proposal… When Jackson called me to prepare for his proposal, he was excited, I was excited and Priyanki had noooo idea! LOL  There was even a surprise party with some close friends afterwards and I had to lure them to the location without being obvious…sneaky sneaky! Btw,…